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Add Stack Overflow Flair with Publish

On the road of creating Yet Another Dev Blog, I have decided to go on a Flair hunt, which I began with StackOverflow.

With Publish, it's so easy to create a new Component:

private struct StackOverflowFlair: Component {
    let userID: String
    let username: String
    let profileName: String
    let theme: Theme?
    enum Theme {
        case clean
        case dark
        case hotdog
        var name: String {
            String(describing: self)
    var body: Component {
        let description = "profile for \(profileName) at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers"
        var imageURL = "\(userID).png"
        if let themeName = theme?.name {
            imageURL.append(contentsOf: "?theme=\(themeName)")

        return Link(url: "\(userID)/\(username)") {

And the usage is quite simple, just add the Component to your favorite place:

StackOverflowFlair(userID: "3227743",
                   username: "edusta",
                   profileName: "EDUsta",
                   theme: nil)

VoilĂ !

Example image
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